How to download Betfair Profit and Loss history spreadsheet

How to download Betfair Profit and Loss history spreadsheet

This is the most important thing to start working with MyBetLog. It's very basic and easy, but still some new users might find this helpful.

Betfair sports betting exchange allows users to check their Profit&Loss history for last 90 days. This means that if you do not keep any notes about your trading results, you lose very important information every day about your previous months.


This is how you download Bir P&L file:

1. Log in to your account 

2. Go to My Account  check image

3. On the left menu select "Betting Profit&Loss" check image

4. Select period and type of sport (select period first and then press on the type of sport you want) check image

5. And finally press on the link to the right from datepicker "Download to Spreadsheet" check image

You can left click on the file and browser will download the file automatically, or you can right click, select "Save link as" and save it on any place in your computer, for example, create a folder called "myPLfiles". 


Then all you have to do is to upload these files to It will turn simple .xls Excel files into a nice WEB based betting database with graphs and lots of additional information. 


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