Save your Premium Charge data

Save your Premium Charge data

For those "lucky" ones that pay Betfair Premium Charge-
you can now include those in your calculations with!

To do that:

1) Go to your Profile page ( )

2) Select button "Manage Premium charges"

3) And just press "Add a premium charge"
Add date+ amount. 


When it's done, you can check the "Show premium charges in dashboard" checkbox to see how it affects your total P/L graph. Premium charges will be displayed as red dots in the graph (image at the top of this article).

To disable showing premium charges in the graphs, just uncheck "Show premium charges in dashboard" under "My Profile" page.


You can use Premium Charge as a reminder to update your weekly progress. So when you are charged, upload all Profit and Loss data, add premium charge data and keep your records up to date!

Stay green!


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