Yes, MyBetLog is FREE to use.

Use it everywhere!

Use mybetlog on any device Use MyBetLog from any device. No more local Excel files, errors and data loss.

Tag markets

Tag markets Use tag feature to filter results and analyze them. Create your own tags or tag combinations.

You can later filter results by one or multiple tags. Tool will remember your recently used tags and will offer them while you type!


Compare teams or players Take notes about any team, player or race track. Fill notes with information from YouTube, images or text! You can later compare 2 teams or players before the game.

Upload Reminder

Remind yourself about updating data. Use reminder settings in My profile section.

No data duplicates

When you upload data, tool will use only unique entries. It means you won't have any duplicate entries. If you are not sure which date to use for next P&L file, use one with a day or few back.

Use Quick Report

Use Quick Report to create a quick report about single P&L file. Share graphs and data with your blog or twitter followers. Use "only graphs" option to hide all data and show only main trends.

Super easy to use

Lots of small features to make MyBetLog super easy to use!

More features to come...