Frequently Asked Questions

How to download my betting proft&loss file from Betfair?

First, please note that your Betfair site language must be English-UK.

Log in to your Betfair account and go to My Account -> Betting Profit & Loss section. Select time period for your file (and type if sport if you have multiple sports) and press "Download to Spreadsheet" located to the right corner from date input fields.

Optional: Or you can right click on the Download to Spreadsheet link and choose "Save link as".

Check article about language and downloading spreadsheet in our blog.

I uploaded the file, but I can't see any results

Check if you saved the data after upload. Go to My uploads section. If the report row is light gray, you didn't save data. In this case, just press edit and then Save changes button.

I tried to upload file few times, but it gives me an error message

This happens because you most likely did not save your data after the first upload. Check the question above.

Also, please, check that your Betfair site language is set to English-UK (link)

502 Bad Gateway error

Just try to make file smaller by choosing smaller interval. For example, instead of 90 days stats file, try to upload two 45 day files. Remember, you don't have to worry about duplicates, so you can split those dates so they overlap (to be sure you have imported all data).

How can I filter results by tags, teams or players?

To use all filters specific to the type of sport, select it on the top menu section "My sports". In this section you can view/add notes about teams or players, select different filters specific to this sport, f.e. tagged markets. You can also view more data in the graphs when you put mouse on specific graph points.